At “Paarijat girls Hostel” our main aim is to make girl residents feel as if they are living in a home away from the home in trendier way. The hostel offers single, double and triple seated rooms ( with AC facility), which are available with all necessary facilities including LED, bed (with bonded mattresses), study table, chair and almirah along with all safety measures (CCTV) necessary for hostel. Serene Environment motivates for echoing academic discussions among the residents. We are connected through transportation infrastructure; hostel is reachable from all parts of the Jaipur city with ease through city transport. It is situated at such a premier location that a number of leading institutions are nearby. Special attention is given to the hygienic food, water and security for residents. We respect the residents who are serious in their studies and can maintain proper discipline and decorum.

All residents must obey the following Rules and Regulations:


  • The following timings will be observed during the stay in hostel:
    Seasons Summer(April to October) Winter(November to March)
    Opening of hostel gate 6:15am 6:30am
    Closing of hostel gate 8:30pm 8:00pm
  • Residents will not be allowed to go out of hostel between 8:00 pm to 6.00 am without permission of Warden/caretaker except for authorized academic work in the institute/college. Attendance may be taken during these Hours.
  • If a resident goes out of station or to local guardian, she has to obtain prior written permission from warden and should inform immediately after return.
  • Any un-authorized person will not be allowed to enter in the hostel premises. The residents should not be invite any person in hostel as well as inside the room.
  • Only permitted visitors may be allowed to enter the hostel and they can meet only at reception area. No resident shall take her guest inside the room in any condition.
  • Security Deposit (Rs. 5000/-) are refundable and will be refunded at the time of leaving hostel according to the rule and regulations of hostel. Security deposit will not be adjusted in monthly charges.
  • Maintenance charges for the room equipments is also bear by the resident only, hostel is not responsible for the maintenance and other charges.
  • Electricity charges will be bear by the residents (according to the 9 Rs. Per unit, this have to pay 1-5 of each month).
  • A resident’s seat in the hostel will be ensured from the date of submission of fee only.
  • A resident will not be permitted to change her room in mid-session. She has to live in the allotted room. The hostel administration has a right to change the room as and when required.
  • If a resident wants to use the Wi-Fi or in-room TV facility, than she has to pay the monthly usage charges.